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Professional Propagation (2'X4') Table System
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Professional Propagation (2'X4') Table System

Price: $499.95
Item #: LMC0005
Shipping Weight: 100 lbs
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Item Description:
The Professional Propagation Table is a 2' x 4' Ebb and Flow system that will support up to 400 clones / cuttings / seedlings while maintaining precise temperature and humidity control. When it's done propagating cuttings or seedlings it quickly converts to a standard 4' x 2' Ebb & Flow system. Excellent for greenhouse, classroom or for starting outdoor plants. The Professional Propagation Table comes complete with 4' x 2' ebb and flow tray, clear dome with humidity controls, reservoir with heater, and Oasis propagation media wedge with tray,16oz Plant Energy,16oz, Advantage Bloom, 4oz liquid Hormex.

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