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Lighting Equipment, Movers & Accessories

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Ballast Only All Electronic Brands

Cali Ballast

Galaxy Brand Ballast

Ultra Gro Ballast

Ballast Only All Magnetic Brands

Sunlight Supply Ballast Brand


High Pressure Sodium Plant Max Bulbs

HPS to MH Conversion Plant Max Bulbs

Metal Halide Plant Max Bulbs

MH to HPS Conversion Plant Max Bulbs

Complete Light Package System's

Cali Ballast Full Light Sysytem Package

Galaxy Amp Ballast Full Light System Package

Gavita Full Light System Package

Kind LED Full Light System Package

LEC Full Light System Package

NextLight LED

Ultra Grow Ballast Full Light System Package

Grow Room Wall Covering

Black & White Poly

Mylar Rolls, 1mm

Mylar Rolls, 2mm

Light Movers

Light Rail

Sunlight Supply (NGW) Light Hoods Only

Air Cooled Hoods Complete with Glass, A/C Fitting & Socket Set

Non Air Cool Hoods
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