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Bryan Kadel
1/15/2003 10:17:00 PM
NFT Question

I'm building a NFT PVC pipe system and plan to use it for growing lettuce & basil. I'm thinking of using rockwool cubes or net pots.

I've been reading alot, but still have some unanswered questions :

1. What size of pipe is best?
2. Should the rockwool cube/net pot be resting in the NFT stream or above it?
3. What size of rockwool cube should be used?
4. What size of netpot should be used?
5. Is rockwool cubes or netpots better?
6. How deep should the NFT flow be?

Bryan Kadel
1/24/2003 9:45:00 AM
Re: NFT Question

Building your own system is lot's of fun.You should use 4"to6" pvc pipe.The net pot's should be 3"or4".The pot's will need to rest down into the pcv pipe.Cut the hole just a little smaller than the pot so that it will hang down into the pipe.You should use the 1x1/2 rockwool cube.As for your last question could you please let me know the pvc that you are useing ( round or sq.? )
1/28/2003 2:26:00 PM
Re: NFT Question

Penny, thanks for the reply!

I was planning on using round PVC. I've never seen square. Should I use square?? If so where do they sell square PVC?

Should the bottom of the net pot be in the NFT flow? Or should just the plant's roots be in the NFT flow??

Green Thumb Garden
1/29/2003 9:57:00 AM
Re: NFT Question

You can use both sq. or round.The net pot's should sit down into the pvc with the bottom of the pot should rest right on the pvc . So that the flow run's through the net pot.
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