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2/5/2003 1:33:00 PM
Water Quality

I'm on a private well and have read that I should not use soft water for hydroponics due to the salt content in soft water.

I have both an iron/hydrogen sulfide filter & a water softner. If I use water that has only passed through the iron/hydrogen sulfide filter then there is no iron, but the hardness is 30 grains (513 ppm).

The nutrient I plan on using is Flora series with the Flora Hardwater Micro.

Will I be able to use this water for hydroponics???

Should I consider using soft water???
The Green Thumbs
2/7/2003 11:00:00 PM
Re: Water Quality

In a perfect world, everyone should use hard water. Hard water naturally contains calcium, which can be essential to a plants intake of nutrients. Soft water is ok, although as you've noted, you may see an increase in salt levels. Water softeners actually work by replacing calcium ions with sodium ions. You will just have to pay that much more attention to cleaning, pH readings, etc.

You say that you have a hardness reading of 513ppm, which is classified as "extremely hard" water. "Hard" water is classified as having a PPM reading of 200-300. Your water should be fine to use in hydroponics, and the Flora series fertilizers should be fine as well. Just keep an eye on your hardness levels, and if you start to notice a white "fir" appearing on your plants or growing medium, you may want to think about somehow reducing your hardness level. This fir you could see is just the excess calcium buildup, and if left untreated, could result in nutrient lockup. I hope this answers your questions.
9/11/2003 12:58:00 AM
Re: Water Quality

I need some refrencs about water quality in greenhouse crops an d hydroponics.Can you give me some addresses.

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