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9/23/2008 10:44:15 PM
Tomato Trouble

I've got a tomato plant from cutting (not sure of type) that is doing very well. My trouble is with it's growth. It's skyrocketed to about 2 feet and is very leggy. Also, several blooms began to form, but have remained very small and undeveloped since they appeared several weeks ago. They formed near the top of the main stem, but the main stem now towers almost a foot above them, so clearly overall plant growth hasn't slowed. I use an aeroponic setup with 10-8-22 ganuals at the recommended tsp/gal ratio. For light I have a south faced window and 2 48" tube fluorescent GE plant/aquarium bulbs inches above for (I thought) full spectrum light. I feel the light is at least ok or the plant growth wouldn't be so rapid. It has been suggested that lack of blue spectrum would cause my troubles. From my research, the GE bulbs should be peaking in the 440-450nm (blue-green) range with another boost in the 600's (red) area. Would the issue be the south window allowing sun (very warm yellow-red spectrum) to be throwing off the balance provided by the GE bulbs? Would there be an economic way to provide a boost in the blues, possibly a cool blue fluorescent, blacklight, etc? Thanks.
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