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Tracey L Montgomery
2/21/2009 3:22:31 PM

I started my first hydro Tomato in a DWC Kit I obtained from Stealth Hydro. I planted the seed in a rcokwool cube. It gerninated in 5 days on a heat mat. It has been in the DWC bucket since December 13, 2008. I have RO Water, and change water weekly. I also use Cal-Mag, Dutch Zone, and the micro micro-nutrients and regular nutrients. I'm using two lights - One CFL 105 Grow watt, One CFL 105 Watt Bloom about 4-5 inches from plant. My issue is I beleive I have had several sets of what look like blossom clusters start to form, and then the simply turn yellow and fall off before they even become a true blossom. The plants are only two months old. Is it too early to expect results? What do you think I'm doing wrong? Thank You All.
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