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4/5/2010 5:55:31 PM

Ok, I don't have any plants and I'm a very clean person! I don't know if it the weather out here, but these gnats are killing me! I've tried bleach, ammonia, and bug spray! Nothing seems to work! I don't want any rotten food laying around because I work alot , so what should I do??? Oh, no leaky sinks or damp areas either! I've cleaned as if its an obsession, I'm opened minded PLEASE HELP!!!
4/9/2010 1:54:27 AM

Hey Rock, First of all wanted to say sorry for your Gnat issue. I don't know if this is a route you want to take or not but there are many +'s about doing this. First it will help you with your Gnats, Then you know what when that isn't an issue anymore you can get some nice Sprays for your machine that will keep your Bathroom and house smelling nice. Check out this website. I would personally recomend the 3000. But either of the 3 will work. Hope this helps and Good luck.

4/9/2010 5:04:31 AM

Are you sure they are gnats?
4/9/2010 1:31:16 PM

yes if you look at the information in the page the link is going to it says it will work with flying insects, and Gnats is also listed. The reason you would use this system is the best way to keep Gnats at bay is to spray them and you would have to do it often. SO you have this sytems to do the spraying for you. Then when your Gnats are no longer in the colder months you can put in one of the cans for Scents to make your home smell nice. Then the next season us the other spray again. Gnats are a hard insect to keep at bay. Good Luck
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