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6/11/2011 6:32:05 PM
Few start up ????


What is the difference between a regular MH bulb and an MH conversion bulb like this (

Next, which MH bulb will I need with this unit do i need converion or will a regular work? ( it says that it will work with both bulbs.

Next, I am between a 250W system and a 150W system. The 150W system doesn't have much cooling optionts especially if I want to run a carbo filter. The 250W have better cooling options, however how much of a heat difference am I looking at between a 150W and 250W also, If I ran no cooling system will head be an issue and especially the fumes of the garden once bloomed?

I would like to avoid cooling system if possible but if scent and heat will be an issue than i dont have many option :)
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