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2/17/2003 4:20:00 PM
Conversion vs Hortilux

What produces stronger plants and best results with a HPS system?

An enchanched Hortilux bulb or A metal Halide conversion bulb.

2/18/2003 10:02:00 AM
Re: Conversion vs Hortilux

The(HPS)Hortilux is the bulb to be used in an(HPS)light system. The(MH)conversion bulb is only to be used in an metal halide light system.I think the Hortilux bulb would be the best for you.If you have an (HPS)system.
2/19/2003 4:21:00 PM
Re: Conversion vs Hortilux

I'm sorry I meant a HPS to MH conversion bulb. I hear those are good for vegging or do you get the same results as the Hortilux?
greenthumb garden
2/21/2003 9:39:00 AM
Re: Conversion vs Hortilux

The (mh) bulb would br the best bulb for you.
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