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4/17/2013 10:56:00 PM
green onion on vermiculite+perlite

Dear collegues.
I try grow chives (type of green onion) in the mix verviculite+perlite 50%-50%. fluid has PH 6.5 (about , i checked by paper) , EC - 1300 microsiemens . NPK 18-18-18.
Problem - when i add fluid into substrat , PH is reduced to PH 7 and upper.

What i can do ? how i can reduc PH for perlite and for vermiculite ? as i checked it is them put free ions into fluid.

I'm From Moscow Russia, i already asked on russian agronom persons but they do not what need do because here not big expirience in this substrated.

Vladimir (Not Putin)
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