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3/4/2003 4:25:00 PM
sunmaster 400watt mh

someone just got me a sunmaster 400watt mh i was going to get a conversion bulb to run a hps 360 in a 400mh system but i have this sunmaster what to do
The Green Thumbs
3/4/2003 6:47:00 PM
Re: sunmaster 400watt mh

If you have a metal halide ballast, then you should be all set with the Sunmaster 400 bulb. Sunmaster bulbs are designed to emit both red/orange spectrum AND blue/green specturm, which covers both plant cycles. There are different classifications of Sunmaster bulbs though, Cool Metal Halide, Warm Metal Halide, and Neutral Metal Halide. Did your bulb come in the box? If so, what kind is it?
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