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3/7/2003 2:12:00 PM
MH bulbs

hello again

Will coated bulbs work in a grow room. I found a good deal on e-bay:
GE 400 Watt, Coated, High Intensity, Multi Vapor, Metal Halide Mogul base bulbs.

Model GE #MRV400/C/VBU----E-37

only six dollars
The Green Thumbs
3/7/2003 5:29:00 PM
Re: MH bulbs

Coated bulbs will work just fine. The only drawback with coated bulbs is that the coating slightly reduces overall light levels, but it does spread (diffuse) the light out more evenly. So, you will get less lumen output with a 400w coated bulb then you would with a 400w uncoated bulb.
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