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4/6/2003 9:35:00 AM
pH measuring with start up ebb/flow

I have 2 small units that I've just started. One is an ebb/flow and the other is a bottom feeder. I have city water (not a well), and was wondering the necessity for pH measuring. I've been reading some books on getting started and they indicated how important it is. But is it really? As a beginner can't I just put my 3 gallons of h20 and X plant food in, run it for two weeks and then replace it? Why should I bother with pH measurement in the first place?
Green Thumb Garden
4/8/2003 2:46:00 PM
Re: pH measuring with start up ebb/flow

PH is very important. Most water is fairly close to seven (nuetral)but if it's not it can really be detrimental to your plants. Tomatoes, for instance, would probably die if grown in a ph of more than seven.Where as some plants like a high ph. Once you've established the ph of your water you should be O'K.
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