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4/9/2003 1:47:00 PM
Interest in new hydro ezine?

I am a small-scale veggie grower, using both hydroponics and soil culture. I've been looking for an on-line hydro magazine, and haven't found any. So I'm thinking of starting one. It would be bi-monthly, and cover such topics as cost-effective hydroponics methods, small-scale commercial applications, online resources, etc. I'm trying to determine how much demand there would be for such a magazine, before I go through the work of creating it. Would any of you subscribe to such a ezine for say $10 a year?
4/9/2003 6:35:00 PM
Re: Interest in new hydro ezine?

The Green Thumbs
4/9/2003 9:50:00 PM
Re: Interest in new hydro ezine?

If you do end up going through with your plan, we would be more than happy to help you with it. Do you have a spot to host the e-zine online? We could also create a membership service, etc. for it if you need. Please contact us at if you need anything.
richard curl
4/10/2003 10:03:00 PM
Re: Interest in new hydro ezine?

i can hardly wait,to someone like me it would be educational entertainment.richard
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