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4/17/2003 6:18:00 PM
CO2 from gas clothes dryer

I know this method isnt a "constant" source of it, but would this help at all? Sorta like a "snack"? Or if you have 5 kids, maybe this would be a constant source....

I am starting up a small (very small) greenhouse in FL, so I dont know if this can even work in FL because of the heat, but it may be better for people up in the colder climates. Adding heat and co2 at the same time.

I think I may try the yeast and sugar idea for the warm climate here.
Green Thumb Garden
4/18/2003 3:20:00 PM
Re: CO2 from gas clothes dryer

We don't usually have gas powered clothes dryer. Most are electric. If your worried about heat, using CO2 tanks would be the best way to go.
4/26/2003 4:29:00 PM
Re: CO2 from gas clothes dryer

that would give you more co2.i think it could be possibly dangerous burning also produces co- carbon monoxide could be deadly.check the manual that came with the gas dryer, mine says to vent outside only.the lint could be a problem also
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