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Kevin Perryman
4/24/2003 4:09:00 PM
Pump size for Home built NFT System

I am building a 'nursery' NFT system out of 2" diam. PVC. Each piece is 4' long with 9 2" net pot holes every 6" (3" per plant each side). In the center I am inserting drip irrigation spray tips with the main 1/2" drip hose zip tied to the outside of the PVC. Therefore each PVC length has 8 spray nozzels.

What size pump should I use to get enough pressure to actually spray and not drip out of the spay nozzles??

PVC is 18" above the top of a 33 gallon tank and are spaced 4 " appart so that there is approximately two feet of 1/2" tubing connecting all of the channels together. Each channel is 'T'eed off the 2 foot length.

Thanks for the help.
Green Thumb Garden
4/25/2003 11:59:00 AM
Re: Pump size for Home built NFT System

look at the next posting. I put up a new thread instead of replying to yours by mistake
Green Thumb Garden
4/25/2003 1:52:00 PM
Re: Pump size for Home built NFT System

use a Maxi Jet 1000 if you are using spray emmiters or a Little Giant if you're using atomizers
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