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5/21/2003 6:31:00 PM

Something appears to be infecting my plants and I am in need of help...
It effects upper leaves. Starts as a discrete yellow spot but quickly spreads and distorts the leaf, causing the leaf to twist around on itself. It spreads locally (ie, the leaves nearest to it are effected; the leaves on the other side of the plant are fine).
I have tried a sulfur-based fungicide spray to no avail.
Can anyone suggest a possible culprit and what product might help kill it?
Green Thumb Garden
5/22/2003 3:35:00 PM
Re: Infection?

The best thing you can do is to isolate the one infected plant.Most viruses have no cure you can only hope to contain and stop further spreading.Do not touch the infected plant and then handle healthy ones as that will spread most viruses.Also if you smoke you should always wash your hands before handling plants because of Tobacco Mosaic Disease.One thing you could do is to bring a sample to a local University and have them run tests on it.
6/17/2003 6:48:00 PM
Re: Infection? - new theory

After noticing that this problem only involved the top of the plant, ie nearest to the heat generated by the lights, I thought maybe this could be damage from the heat. Just after I first posted my question, I moved the plants from a table to the floor to create some distance from the lights - and now it is several weeks later and I have not seen any recurrence. HHmmmm.
Green Thumb Garden
6/17/2003 7:25:00 PM
Re: Infection?

I'm glad to hear that the problem has stopped. I'll have to remember that if anyone else ever has the same symptoms and they move the light up we'll have a simple sollution to a serious problem.Thanks G.T.G.
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