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6/29/2003 8:47:00 PM
growing from seed w/Technaflora

Okay, you have sold me on the 50/50 grorox and coconut fiber mix. Please forgive my ignorance, but I am new to this and you guys seem to be the grorox/cocofiber experts. Please correct any misunderstanding I might have about the following plan to grow from seed in the above growing medium and Technaflora products:
1. In a 3" peat pot, fill with growing medium and saturate with a 2 ml/gal Thrive Alive Red solution.
2. Plant seeds 1/4" deep and keep moist with water only until plants come up.
3. During the first week of growth, water with plain water as it dries out (or should I keep it moist by watering daily?).
4. Begin using the Techaflora Recipe for Success with a low PPM (their 800 ppm Vegetative Formula I) of Boost and Grow with 3 ml/gal of Thrive Alive Red. Water with this solution as needed (or should I be keeping it moist/watering daily?).
5. Continue watering with this solution as needed (every time or on the fertilize-water-water regime they recommed for soil?)until the plants reach their vegetative growth stage or show signs of deficiency whichever comes first.
6. Switch to the Vegetative Formula 2 and water as needed (or daily?) with this solution every time (or on the fert/water/water schedule?).
7 When roots first begin to show growing through the peat cup, plant the 3" pot directly into a 5 quart pot filled with 50/50 mix.
8. Continue watering with Veg Formula 2
I plan to keep the plants vegetative until they outgrow the 5 qt. pot, take clones and repeat.
Should I use the 3" peat pot with 50/50 mix to root my cuttings?
Thank you for your patience. You have been a big help so far.
Your customer for life if you answer this:
6/30/2003 11:32:00 AM
Re: growing from seed w/Technaflora

Number 2, your giong to want to plant at 1/2" depth.
Number 3, Never let growing medium dry out.
and keep moist not wet.
Number 4, some people alternate watering and feeding every other day. again never let the medium dry out, most all living things love oxygen. your target goal is 40% moisture 60% oxygen.
Number 5/6, Its best to follow the manufactures recomendations.
Number 7/8, sounds like your on the right track. We always top off growing containers with 1 to 2 inches of gro rock to prevent fungus gnats from laying eggs and keep algea to a minimum.
We hope this helps and if you have further questions you know how to reach us.

The Green Thumbs
6/30/2003 7:27:00 PM
Re: growing from seed w/Technaflora

Thanks a million. That helps a lot. One point of clarification:
Are you saying to follow the manufacturers recommendation to fertilize/water/water instead of your alternating fertilizing and watering? The manufacturer's recommendation for completely hydroponic mediums such as grorox alone or rockwool would be to fertilize every day. Is this 50/50 mix more like a soilless peat moss mixture that has no nutrients and needs everything provided or more like growing in gravel or rockwool that would be flooded and drained with fertilizer at every watering?
Thanks again for your detailed answer! I will recommend you to others.
Green Thumb Gardening
7/12/2003 9:54:00 AM
Re: growing from seed w/Technaflora

Yes,follow the manufacturers directions.
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