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9/16/2003 9:55:00 AM
Plagarism rampant

Put this in google and see how many hits you get! (include the quoation marks)

"These lamps are primarily red/yellow in spectrum. These are the best lamps available for use in conjunction with natural sunlight. High-Pressure Sodium lamps promote budding and flowering in plants."
9/16/2003 11:08:00 AM
Re: Plagarism rampant

Most of the information regarding products is gathered directly from:
a) the manufacturer's website/info pack
b) sites that allow permission to use their product information.

Plagarism is not applicable. Every site listed in those Google results will tell you so. Thank you for your concern. If you would like to discuss this further, please email <a href = "mailto:suppor;>GTG Support</a>.

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