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3/14/2005 9:23:00 PM
seed to seedling

I started my seeds in rockwool cubes keeping them moist in the Aerobic Turbo Cloner with the lid on. I didnt start the system until my plants actually started to sprout. Then i put them under my 400 watt metal halide light for 18 hours a day. they got to tall for the lid so i took it off.they were doing great for about a week. the first set of true leaves started to come in and they were growing fast.every time the water/nutrient got low i added more. but recently i had checked them and there was barely any water/nutrient in the tub. i added more but soon after my plants began to die. i am making use of a small unused closet in my house. i noticed that it gets pretty warm in there with the light on that long. should i have kept the room cooler? should i have added more water then nutrient solution? should i get a bigger top for the cloner? should i have started the seeds in the cloner like i did? how long until i can transfer them to my hydro farm system? i also noticed that the rockwool cubes that came with the cloner have plastic wrapped around them leaving the top and bottum open but the ones that came with my hydro farm do not. should i have taken the plastic off and also since i have messed up can i reuse the rockwool cubes? is their a beeter way to start a seed and get it to a small plant? please help.
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