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1/7/2006 7:40:20 PM
low cost nutrient solution?

Hello, I would like to save some money. I plan to use a cheap off the shelf liquid plant food (like miricle grow or simular product)in my system. I'm talking about products that are using mainly urea as the major nitrogen source. I will augment the mix with some liquid calcium nitrate. Example, a plant requires a nutrient ppm level of 1100. The question is, if the ideal ppm of nitrogen in the mix for the plant is around 400, and the over all ppm for the completed mix is 1100, would I mix up the off the shelf product with water to about 700 ppm, or the full 1100 ppm (considering the fact that the urea nitrogen will not convert to usable nitrogen in the system)and mix up a seperate 400 ppm water-calcium nitrate mix to suppliment the first off the shelf product mix? Thanks, chuck
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