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8/14/2009 7:50:44 PM
Re: cheap ways of generating co2

some people should put the pipe down, and pick up a book before posting anything
12/1/2009 3:11:51 PM
Re: cheap ways of generating co2

yes yeast, sugar, water, works GREAT! haha
any questions on how to set it up let me know.
you will get 15-25% more bud if its done right
3/6/2010 2:01:18 AM
Re: cheap ways of generating co2

4/28/2010 2:48:17 PM
Re: cheap ways of generating co2

I still can't believe there are that many IDIOTS in the modern age. Yes we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Cars and industry make carbon monoxide(bad for everyone). Sleeping through 1st grade?

Enough of my rant and on to my question. Remembering a grade school experiment, is it not possible to generate carbon dioxide with dry ice?
5/15/2010 5:45:14 AM
Re: cheap ways of generating co2

Dry Ice is just CO2 in solid form, so when it "melts" (the proper term is "sublimates" -- goes directly from solid to gas) it gives off CO2 for the plants. In the long haul, dry ice can get expensive though, but definitely will work.
1/16/2011 3:59:44 PM
Re: cheap ways of generating co2

Anyway,for those really interested, I have been using the yeast,sugar,water method for over a year now. It DOES increase yield, growth, etc. I have a constant 12-16 plant harvest every 2-3 weeks. I have plants in 3 dif. growth stages at all times and have had great results w/ CO2(for a 15-20% increase in final yield and definant better quality. I use CO2 through all stages.During veg i turn off fans right b4 my 16hr lighting starts and "turn on"(stir) my CO2(yeast,sugar,water) in [4] 2litre bottles w/several feet of aquarium tubing hotglued in small hole in cap that fits 2litre. I run this tubing, with some 1/8" holes every 1"or so in tubing, above/ and across my [plants. CO2 is heavier than oxygen so gravity has it drop along all my plants.During vegging I do it right after they're 6hr of dark because 1st light is when the need and use the most CO2.During flowering I increase to 3X a day(15 mins.,fans off). In my 2litre bottles I mix approx.3-4 cups sugar,2packets yeast(1tbs), and fill3/4 warm water and shake very well. Actually u can see and hear the CO2 in just a half hour or so. They last about a week, and sometimes I have 2 add some sugar or water to get reaction. I rinse out 2 litres(GOOD-or you'll be makin alcohol)and remake every week.Costs me about $1.50 a month in cheap sugar and yeast(Paid $3.89 for 15ft. of fish tank tubing,and 4 used coke 2litr bottles in start).. Good Luck
Green GurL
2/22/2011 6:05:28 AM
Re: cheap ways of generating co2

Wow...That's a McGuyver Co2 system!! I like it!
capt vern
2/26/2011 12:46:24 PM
Re: cheap ways of generating co2

Quite a chemistry lesson here. Cheapesr way? Sit in your garden area and breathe!
5/5/2011 12:16:01 AM
Re: cheap ways of generating co2

Last time I checked, we all breath AIR which contains oxygen (O2) and other gases. We breath out carbon dioxide (CO2) and it is a good thing to do this near your plants...
1/22/2013 7:55:36 PM
Re: cheap ways of generating co2

To Big Green Tree and South Texas... YOU FUCKING IDIOTS... Oxygen is what we breathe in. It is produced by the plant in a complex system inside of the plant cells through Photosynthesis. It happens when a plant receives sunlight and CO2 (which, as stated above, means Carbon Dioxide). The cell takes in these forms of energy and takes in the nutrients it needs. Then in return it gives out Oxygen. That's why people buy CO2 machines to improve the life of the plant so you have air to breathe and survive. Before you speak, KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!
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