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10/24/2005 3:25:03 AM
Re: CO2 introduction directly to the plants.

best time to use CO2 is at the night cycle, that when the plant uses the CO2 around it to grow, the plant changes cycle when the light hits again, therefore using CO2 in the day would be a waste.
10/25/2005 12:29:03 AM
Re: CO2 introduction directly to the plants.

You sure you don't you want to use CO2 during the daytime?

During the day the plant is useing the light to turn the CO2 into carbs. Thats dumbed down a bit but its called photosynthesis. Look it up.
5/8/2006 6:45:32 PM
Re: CO2 introduction directly to the plants.

ya feed your roots as much air as possable but you want the benifits of co2 well relesse some co2 into clean h2o in a cealed contaner then on a timer realesse the water co2 compressed cantaner as a spray 2 the leaves but dont let water with co2 contaminate your solluton 4 roots your yeild will be great
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