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MegaGarden System
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MegaGarden System

Price: $179.99
Item #: mega garden system
Shipping Weight: 40 lbs
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Item Description:
An advanced ebb and flood design, this system is perfect for 250 and 400 watt plant grow lights. Removable grow tray measures 23 inches by 23 inches square and holds 15 five inch plastic grow pots with fired clay pebble grow medium, both included. Stands 10 inches tall. Works well for growing lettuce, herbs, vegetables or orchids potted in bark or fired clay.

System comes complete with 23 by 23 inch growing tray; 7.5 gallon reservoir; submersible pump; timer (capable of up to 12 flood settings per day); rockwool starter cubes; 16 ounces of Hydrofarm All-Purpose Nutrient; pH test kit and complete instructions. Works great in hobby greenhouses or indoors. Attractive terra cotta color.

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