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The Power Grower
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The Power Grower
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The Power Grower

Price: $113.99
Item #: power grower system
Shipping Weight: 18 lbs
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Item Description:
The Power Grower was designed and manufactured for a national television "infomercial". Technically similar to the WaterFarm, the Power Grower features an attractive shape based upon a classic stylized Italian clay pot - but with the Grorox, growing chamber and air-pump to drive the plants into a higher level of growth and yield.

The Power Grower is the perfect choice where performance plus decorative styling are brought together to provide an enhancement for any home, office or classroom setting.

A series of Power Growers can be run interconnected together with a Controller, available above. Built to last using high-impact plastic, the PowerGrower is ideal for gardening enthusiasts who want to experience the power of hydroponics.

The Power Grower is large enough to grow several small or medium size plants or one large plant such as a big ornamental, tomato, cucumber or pepper.

Power Grower Systems come complete with reservoir, growing chamber, base, pumping column, drip ring, drain level tube, air pump, Grorox and complete instructions. Multiple unit Controller systems available.

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