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LEC D-Papillon 315w Full Spectrum System
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LEC D-Papillon 315w Full Spectrum System

Price: $629.95
Item #: DP315NCWGS
Shipping Weight: 40 lbs
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Item Description:
D‐Papillon 315W FULL SPECTRUM •Full spectrum “daylight” lamps including UV and Farred •Very high lamp efficiency of up to 1,90 µmol/W •Ultra durable electronic ballast, 50.000 hours average rated life with > 90% survival rate •IP23 aluminium housing Bulb rated average life of 16,000 hours with 80% Light output remaining Specifications: •Input voltage : 220 ‐ 240 Volt (line—neutral) Input frequency : 50/60 Hz •Relative humidity : 25 – 90% (non‐condensing) •Reflector material : VEGA™ alu‐ minium high efficiency reflector Light source: •Luminous flux : 36,000 lumen PPF : DAYLIGHT: 550 μmol; •GreenPower 600 µmol •Colour temperature : DAYLIGHT 4200K; GreenPower 3100K

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