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LEC Double D Papillon 630 Full Spectrum System
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LEC Double D Papillon 630 Full Spectrum System

Price: $899.99
Item #: DDP630
Shipping Weight: 40 lbs
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Item Description:
Double dPapillon 630 CMH •Professional grade full spectrum double lamp lighting system. •Developed for the vegetative stage of the plant or addition of blue light in the flowering stage. •High density Vega aluminum reflector with only 1% annual depreciation. •6 step dimming: 50%, 70%, 85%, 100%, 110%, 120% •lncludes 2, 315 Watt CMH lamps •Driver efficiency > 95%. •Sealed hours ng with Gore‚ÄźTex ventilation plug allows for extreme air pressure fluctuation. •Lamps & reflector easily replaceable. •3 Year warranty on fixture, 1 year on bulb.

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