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Maxicrop Seaweed Powder,  10.7oz
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Maxicrop Seaweed Powder, 10.7oz

Price: $17.99
Item #: maxicrop powder 10.7oz
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
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Item Description:
Maxicrop Seaweed Powder is water soluble, completely dissolving to form liquid Maxicrop concentrate. It is then rediluted to make a foliar spray liquid. Foliar feeding is a fast acting method of supplying plant nutrients via the leaves. Maxicrop contains more than 60 different minerals, including the nine most important trace elements, in chelated form, which makes them more easily absorbed by plants. The minerals are also in an ideally balanced proportion because Maxicrop™ is a plant material itself. This is vitally important, as trace minerals used in the wrong proportion can create other deficiencies by locking up other minerals. Also present in Maxicrop™ is an ample amount of potash. (1-0-4)

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