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Superthrive,  4oz
Superthrive,  4oz
Superthrive,  4oz
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Superthrive,  4oz
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Superthrive, 4oz

Price: $11.99
Item #: superthrive 4oz
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
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Item Description:
Users routinely report never-before-seen beauty and stress-resistance of indoor and outdoor plants and trees, plus earlier and greater yields of vegetables, flowers and fruits. Widely praised by bonsai trainers, orchid growers and other commercial producers for its unique ability to minimize stress in plants.

Contains 50 vitamins and hormones necessary for healthful plant growth, including Vitamin B-1. Best known and most widely used plant tonic on the market today, available since 1940.

Use between one (plant maintenance) and ten (stress recovery) drops per gallon. Not a plant food; use in conjunction with regular fertilizer.

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