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Pirate Bugs, 100ct
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Pirate Bugs, 100ct

Price: $60.99
Item #: Pirate Bugs, 100ct
Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
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Item Description:
Pirate bugs (Orius tristicolor) also eat spider mites and aphids. Only 1/20" long, adults eat up to 20 thrips larvae a day. Both nymphs and adults use a "piercing/sucking beak to pierce a hole and suck victims dry. Shipped as nymphs near hatching. These are too new to have established release rates, but in Europe they've been effective greenhouse controls when others alone were not. 500 covers a 1000' greenhouse, they'll breed from there. Repeat as needed.It is highly recommended that you be there when they arrive. If it is too cold, (below freezing) or too hot (above 90F), they could die.

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