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Safer's Insect Soap, 16oz (concentrate)
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Safer's Insect Soap, 16oz (concentrate)

Price: $15.99
Item #: Safer's Insect Soap, 16oz (concentrate)
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
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Item Description:
Insecticidal soap is the safest of all natural based pest controls. Made from naturally occurring plant oils, the soap disrupts the waxy outer skin of soft-bodied insects, causing dehydration and death. Beneficial insects such as ladybugs and praying mantis are hard-bodied and not affected by the soap. Insecticidal Soap is a contact insecticide and has no residual activity. It is readily broken down by light, so there is no soap residue. Insecticidal soap can be used up to the day of harvest on all edible plants. Labeled for use on aphids, leafhoppers, plant bugs, whitefly, mites, squashbug, harlequin bug and grasshoppers on fruits, vegetables and ornamentals.

The Concentrate is by far the best buy since you get about 10 times as much as you do with the ready-to-use varieties for about the same price. You also get complete label instructions for fruits, vegetables, flowers, houseplants, etc. All you need is a plant mister or pump sprayer.

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