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2/Pack Of T-12 Verilux Fluorescent Bulb, 4'
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2/Pack Of T-12 Verilux Fluorescent Bulb, 4'

Price: $43.98
Item #: verilux t-12 bulb 4'/2ct
Shipping Weight: 20 lbs
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Item Description:
The superiority of Verilux over other full spectrum fluorescent lamps is attributable to the proprietary phosphor technology. Verilux full spectrum lamps last thousands of hours longer than ordinary lamps. Ordinary full spectrum lamps quickly lose their balance, color, and light output, while Verilux lamps continuously provide a superior quality of light and color rendering. This spectral stability is the hallmark of Verilux, and has been demonstrated in over 40 years of service.

Product Specifications:
Scotopic/photopic Ratio: 2.16
Phosphor Formula: Deluxe Plus Tri-phosphors
Color Rendering Index (CRI) (degrees k): 85+
Correlated Color Temp. (CCT): 6000 Kelvin
Initial CIE Chromaticity: x: .318 y: .334
Initial Lumens (Photopic) (lm): 2800 Lumens
Initial Lumens (Scotopic): 5800 Lumens
Ballast Type: Rapid Start, Magnetic/Electronic
Lamp Type: T-12
Base Type: Medium Bi-pin
Cathode Type: Coiled Tungsten
Rated Average Life (hrs.): 20,000+ Hours

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