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CT-DH-2 Climate Controller
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CT-DH-2 Climate Controller

Price: $299.99
Item #: ct-dh-2 green air
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
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Item Description:
The CT-DH-2 controller is designed to give you independent outlets for cooling and dehumidifying equipment. Set the temperature and humidity dials to the desired settings. If the temperature rises beyond the set limits, the left outlet comes "On" and if the humidity increases, the right outlet comes "On". When temperature and / or humidity fall below the set limits, left and right outlets turn "Off" independently. This allows you to use a dehumidifier to control humidity and an exhaust fan to control temperature and neither side will defeat the other when they initialize. Internal sensor will allow a 7° temperature or 7% humidity differential between the time equipment comes "On" and goes back "Off" again. Small amber lights indicate when the outlet has power. Operates on 120VAC 15 Amps Max. Do not exceed power handling capacity of your wall outlet.

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