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Einstein Oil,  4 oz
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Einstein Oil, 4 oz

Price: $21.99
Item #: Einstein Oil, 4 oz
Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
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Item Description:
A solution to your persistent spider mite problems, as well as a powerful plant nutrient.

100% Organic, Natural Product

Are you tired of the never ending battle with bugs?

Spider mites, in particular, are the biggest problem to the indoor or hydroponic grower. It seems that once you have bugs, all you can do is keep spraying with one poison after another. Even predators are only effective for short periods of time and can be very expensive with repeated use.

Einstein Oil works by interfering with the insect's ability to molt. If a growing insect can not molt, it will not reach sexual maturity and will therefore be unable to mate and reproduce. This means that within one to three life cycles, (10-40 days,) all the insects will die of old age and there will be no more eggs left to hatch. Einstein Oil will solve your bug problems once and for all! And the bugs will live out their short lives in eternal youth!

Effective against spider mites, thrips, white flies, scale, aphids, cut worms, tent caterpillars, Japanese beetles, mealy bugs, termites, leaf beetles, root knot nematodes, sweet potato white flies, gypsy moths, saw flies, and many other bugs, fungi and molds.

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