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Drip Irrigation

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Drip Emitters

1 Gallon Per Hour

1/2 Gallon Per Hour

2 Gallon Per Hour

Raindrip 1/2 inch Fittings

Barbed Connectors

Barbed Elbows

Barbed Tees

Compression Fittings

Tube End Clamp

Raindrip 1/4 inch Fittings and Tubing

Barbed Connectors

Barbed Elbows

Barbed Tees

Tube End Clamp


Raindrip 3/4 inch Fittings

Anti-Syphon Valves

Compression Adapters

Fertilizer Applicators

Raindrip Accessories

Filter Washers

Hole Punch

Sprayers and Sprinklers




Supports and Stakes

Support Clamps

Support Stakes
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