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Emily's Garden
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Emily's Garden

Price: $89.99
Item #: emilys garden system
Shipping Weight: 28 lbs
Average Customer Rating: Rating: 5  View Customer Reviews

Item Description:
This is the best performing, low-cost, passive hydroponic system we've run across. We've grown six-foot tall tomatoes in this easy to maintain passive wick system that measures a compact 16 by 24 inches. Six large growing pots allow you to grow 6 large plants or up to 24 smaller ones. Aeration pump provides rich aeration of nutrient solution.

Includes 2 gallon nutrient reservoir, new clamp-on reservoir cover, six planters, air pump with oxygen stones, plant starter cubes, nutrients, clay pebble growing medium, integrated water level indicator and complete instructions. NEW! Now includes pH test kit and extra wicks. Works great in hobby greenhouses or indoors. Attractive terra cotta color.

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October 15, 2007 - John Shultz - Rating: 5
I have been using the "Emily's Garden" system for over 10 years now and have I now have seven units running. I find it to be very easy and dependable, both easy to set up and also very easy to run. It has given me great results. I have grown a wide range of both edible and ornimental plants and highly recomend the 'Emily's Garden' system to everyone.
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