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Active Air  60 CFM Exhaust Blower (color in white)
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Active Air 60 CFM Exhaust Blower (color in white)

Price: $81.95
Item #: HF0190
Shipping Weight: 8 lbs
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Item Description:
Popular 'squirrel cage' fans, technically known as shaded pole blowers, quickly exhaust stale air out of hobby greenhouses and growrooms while bringing fresh, clean air in. Mount securely to wall or ceiling.
- Quiet, powerful performance
- Exclusive dryer hose adapter flange
- Safety intake grill
- Grounded 8-foot heavy-duty power cord

Instructions for horticultural use included. UL and CSA Listed. Figure size needed for general room exhaust by taking cubic feet of room and dividing by 5. Fan with cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating just above the result will completely exhaust stale air in 5 minutes as recommended.

This 60 CFM Blower can refresh a room up to 300 cubic feet (Approximately 6.25' x 6.25' x 8').

Visit for more details. (PDF format)

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